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E-commerce sales have continued to rise over the last few years, every year at a higher peak than the previous. Last year Amazon.com reported over 280 billion dollars of sales in 2019. 

Now, more than ever, individuals are looking to make an additional income by having an online business. Questions arise when joining the E-commerce market. How do I get started? What do I sell? Where can I sell? How much can I possibly make? These questions are all answered when working with our company. Not only can we help answer all of these simple questions, but we can also help you create a 98% passive stream of income leveraging online businesses, and what better platform to do it on than the number one e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon.com!

AmazonAutomation.com is an E-commerce based company that is completely revolutionizing the way people approach selling on the internet. We are a group of high-level Amazon sellers that allow every day individuals just like you to own a profitable e-commerce business on Amazon.com. The best part is that you can get started without going through any kind of learning curve or having to do any of the day-to-day tasks that it takes to run one of these massive online businesses!

54% of Amazon sellers are third party sellers selling products on Amazon.com, just like us! We run YOUR new or aged store on Amazon.com and fully handle: Product Research, Listing New Winning Products, Customer Service, Inventory Management, Accounting, Order Fulfillment, Account Health, Tracking Code Uploading, Refunds/Returns, Tax Exemption, Monthly Profit Reports, Scaling The Business and much more.



Amazonautomation.com's client portfolio is increasing as we are known for our extremely aggressive e-commerce sales tactics and our expertise in Amazon account health and account reinstatements. The AmazonAutomation.com team has annual gross sales that exceed eight figures a year in annual client sales with no marketing costs. Store profit margins run monthly anywhere from between 8% to 27% of business revenue, with an average of 15% profit anticipated monthly. Amazonautomation.com's client portfolio is expanding as we are known for our aggressive e-commerce sales tactics and our expertise in Amazon account health and account reinstatements. The AmazonAutomation.com team has an annual gross sales volume that exceeds eight figures a year annual in client sales with no marketing costs. Store profit margins a month run anywhere between 8% to 27% of business revenue, with an average of 15% profit to be anticipated monthly before the split. Our attention to detail, years of Amazon sales experience, and reinstatement expertise allow us to set the bar for how an automation company should correctly run. We are AmazonAutomation.com. We work with our clients to execute a detailed and realistic plan for success and carry it out with precision, so our clients are consistently profiting on a month to month basis. Amazonautomation.com is a service that will provide clients with a financial freedom tool leveraging Amazon.com. This tool will allow our clients to have their own business without having to worry about business management.

The way a seller becomes successful when selling on Amazon.com is by having the best account health as possible. Account health is determined by three main categories: How good is customer service performing, did the product get to the customer in the promised shipping window, and how long have you been in business. The more reliable and better account health rating you have, the more sales Amazon will grant you. Product selection affects if sales happen, but the main factor is account health, which we have mastered.

Our team has developed some of the most efficient custom software in this industry space. These software involve complex API algorithms that pull data from Amazon.com and our suppliers. They allow us to see what items are in stock with our supplier and keep track of inventory on our client Amazon stores. Our software makes it efficient to manage and monitor client’s stores in mass and with precision.

These are employees that Amazonautomation.com has employed to ensure that all stores are being expensed correctly. These stores are doing thousands of transactions a month, and this service is something that other automation companies do not offer. In the last year, we have nearly perfected human error with an average error rate of 0.04% because of this division in our company.

Here at Amazonautomation.com, we see our services as a financial institution, with saying that we ask for all clients to sign legal documents allowing us to put up capital contributions of your funds. These documents are similar to the paperwork someone would sign when working with a large investment bank to open a stock portfolio.

Amazonautomation.com has private wholesale relationships that work with thousands of private independent Dropship suppliers. All products get shipped within 3-5 days, all USA sourced products. We have additional suppliers such as walmart.com that we work with that offer shipping discounts and tax exemption programs to ensure the highest profit margins possible!

We have created a system that keeps all clients informed on what is going on with their Amazon seller account. We provide every client with a very detailed Google sheet labeling all movements that are taking place on their Amazon store, financially. Clients can check daily profit updates on their accounts and quarterly plans moving forward received quarterly. We created the portal to have transparency between our clients and us. They can contact us with any questions or concerns they have a report ticket is made, and they will be contacted within 24 hours by a client relationship agent.



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Amazonautomation.com has mastered client onboarding. We will hold your hand through the entire process.


New businesses are set up from the ground up with no data whatsoever. The account is set up in the client’s name as this is your business. However, for this account to grow in sales, it will take time. Amazon prefers new sellers to tread lightly in sales for the first 4-6 months. Amazon refers to this as the incubation phase of starting to sell with them, as an FBM seller. Amazon does this to NEW stores because they have yet to build trust with Amazon.com! We have to prove to Amazon that we are a reliable seller by building sales data, positive reviews, and on-time shipping history! Which takes time but will allow us to win the Buy box consistently.

AmazonAutomation.com offers a 2-year operating contract for new Amazon seller accounts, and a capital contribution from the client will be necessary to begin. This contribution is for us to run and build your business 24/7 and handle everything that comes with running one of these stores. We also have a profit split/minimum monthly retainer set up for all stores. No two stores are the same, and the results vary.


Aged businesses are ways clients can jumpstart the experience working with us by having AmazonAutomation.com provide an already established Amazon store. When selecting an “aged business” for transfer to a client, we vet the account by manually inspecting the backend to ensure that the store meets transfer requirements. These stores have statistics and data that are not available on new stores(sales data, reviews, trust with Amazon) as they are already aged. The store will have credibility and tends to produce good results in the first 1-2 months. 

AmazonAutomation.com offers a 2-year operating contract for aged Amazon seller accounts, and a capital contribution from the client will be necessary to begin. This capital contribution allows our company to provide a quality “aged business”; While also having us run and manage the store entirely for the length of the contract. We also have a profit split/minimum monthly retainer set up for all stores. No two stores are the same, and the results vary.




Robert Del Grande

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Del Grande is an e-commerce master who is very known in the Amazon community. As chief executive officer, he has been the brains of the operation since the beginning, starting his Amazon journey in early 2017. The company, lead by Robert, now has over 75 employees and over 20,000 active SKUs listed on seller central in less than a two-year time frame. Robert's ability to think outside of the box and take measurable risks has proven worthy. In addition to owning AmazonAutomation.com, Robert also is the owner of an Amazon account reinstatement business. Handling hundreds of different suspension cases successfully, qualifying his knowledge of account health, and seller central backend superior to all competitors.

Adam Lefkowitz

Chief Operations Officer

Adam Lefkowitz was one of the early clients of amazonautomation.com. After a year of experiencing the benefits of working with Robert and now owning three stores, Adam decided he wanted to help others achieve success through the same vehicle! Adam is responsible for managing client relations, account health, business workflow, client onboarding, client tax exemption, and client monthly profit and loss sheet releases. Adam's personality is confident, vision-oriented, and inspirational, qualifying him as a leader here at our company.

Tyler Weicker

Chief Business Development Officer

Tyler Weicker is known for his ability to problem-solve. Tyler previously worked at a premier insurance agency where he was assigned to completely restructure and build out the entire insurance agency's backend. After showing his previous work and seeing his work efficiency in action, Robert allocated Tyler to multiple large business development projects. Since then, Tyler has proven to be an effective independent worker who is committed to the development and vision of AmazonAutomation.com.

Ibtehaj Hassan

Chief Revenue Officer

Ibtehaj Hassan has fully mastered the art of selling on Amazon.com and specifically our method of Amazon FBM. As Chief Amazon Officer, his job is to direct and manage our entire overseas operation, ensuring the company is always operating and adapting to new changes that Amazon releases. Ibtehaj allows the company to thrive in creating higher profit margins and revenue streams for AmazonAutomation.com clients. Ibtehaj is committed to making us undoubtedly the industry's-leading and most reliable automation company.

Syed Arif

Director of Account Compliance

Syed Arif has a background in working on the Anti-Fraud team at The Bank of China. After leaving The Bank of China, he began helping people reinstate suspended Amazon businesses. He has a keen eye for knowing what seller performance is looking for in response and thinking outside of the box for new ways to reinstate suspended stores. Syed is responsible for handling all store’s compliance with Amazon. He has proven his worth as his Amazon account reinstatement portfolio, and general account compliance results far exceed any other competitor in the space.